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Dose Vital Honey For Men

Dose Vital Honey For Men

Product Benefits:

  • Sexual Stimulant - Royal honey is an all-natural way to stimulate sexual appetite and spark desire between partners.
  • Endurance - Strengthens the erection without feeling tired.
  • Confidence - The boost in sexual performance leads to more confidence overall with every lovemaking session.
  • Hormonal Enhancement - On top of stimulating physical desire, royal honey also increases the body’s natural testosterone levels.
  • Reproductive System Health - Being a product of nature, royal honey possesses nutrients that decrease the risk of prostate illness and other reproductive system conditions.

    Usage guidelines must be followed before consumption. Please be aware that you are recommended to only consume ONE single sachet of any product per week. Always seek medical advice prior to consuming any health supplementation. If you experience any symptoms discontinue use and seek medical advice.


    - One sachet of honey will last about 1 week in your system for intimate activity. Intimate activity MUST be initiated for honey to work.

    - Please allow up to 8 hours for the honey to take into effect once consumed. The effects of the product vary among individuals.

    - Ensure you are hydrated and drinking plenty of water throughout the day after consuming honey products. Most adults are recommended to drink around 2-3 litres of water per day.

    - We recommend following a healthy lifestyle, regular fitness and balanced diet to reap maximum benefits of the products.

    - DO NOT consume more than 1 honey at a time.

    - DO NOT mix products with alcohol or other forms of testosterone or energy products such as Viagra, Cialis, energy drinks etc.

    - Volume Pills, Big Girth and Menevite can be taken in conjunction with any of the Honey/Coffee/Candy products in store.

    - Royal Honey is NOT for people with blood pressure issues or heart Issues.


    Allergy Advice: Products contain honey and may have traces of bee, and bee pollen.

    *Not suitable for children, pregnant women, and men with heart conditions. Please consult a licensed medical practitioner prior to taking any health supplements.


    By purchasing a product from this website and proceeding with the payment, you confirm that:

    You are 21 years of age or over.

    You understand that our role is limited to as one of the sellers of this product and it is one of the many items that we sell on this website.

    You read and understood our disclaimer in relation to the manufacturer/supplier’s claim of medical and health benefits on consumption of the product. The information in relation to the product and claim of health benefits associated with the product are supplied by the manufacturer, and it must not be construed as of ours.

    You were advised to consult your doctor or health professional before purchasing and/or consuming the product.

    We cannot guarantee you if the manufacturer’s claim in relation to particular benefit of the product consumption is scientifically proven, and/or based on research or evidence-findings.

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